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MT-ART-Services is a Luxembourgish fine art shipping company based at the airport of Luxembourg since 2001. We provide a range of airport services dedicated to all your fine art and antique shipments by air, through Luxembourg. Throughout the years and thanks to the excellent relationship with the major airlines, international fine art agents, local and worldwide Museums, collectors and art institutions, MT ART Services became a major player in the world of international fine art shipping. Our aim for professionalism, our flexibility, our careful staff as well as the good relations with our partners allowed us to maintain our high level of quality, well appreciated by our clients.

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At a specific moment while arriving at the airport, all crated and fragile objects need to be moved via man and machine power. During this critical moment, MT ART Services supervises all the steps and procedures to make sure that the handling agent manipulates all the crates with maximum precaution, in order to avoid any stress and damage to the artwork.

We can supervise the artworks from the arrival of the aircraft, the offloading, all the way to the palletizing platforms inside the Cargocenter until final loading into the trucks (import shipments) and the other way around, from the arrival of the shipment by truck, offloading, palletizing, storage and its loading into the aircraft Furthermore MT ART provides the same services for shipments that arrive, transit and connect via air.

We make sure that artworks are handled with care at all times during their transit at Luxembourg airport.

An Artwork Safe is available at the Cargocenter, for crates that are arriving and need to be stored safely until their final build-up. The safe is exclusively used for artworks and it has all the required maximum safety features, such as controlled temperature, cameras, very limited and controlled access.


MT ART Services assists and provides the couriers with all the necessary information throughout their stay in Luxembourg.

Couriers, accompanied by MT ART Services staff, have unlimited access to the Cargo warehouse and plane side (tarmac) to witness the entire handling procedures. We are the link between the courier and the handling agent.

We can also take care of hotel accommodations, courier’s flight check-inn procedures and transfer of couriers between the hotel, the Cargocenter and the Passenger Terminal, to make the courier’s stay in Luxembourg goes as smooth and easy as possible. Our staff speaks fluently 6 languages, which insures a good understanding with all the parties involved in an art shipment.



MT ART Services provides security escorts for shipments leaving the airport by truck. We can organize vehicles with security agents to follow the trucks up to the Luxembourgish border or until their final destination. A follow car can also be provided to ensure the courier a comfortable journey to his destination. Upon request, courier ticketing can be issued out and into Luxembourg should the courier not wish to travel via road.

Truck parking


For shipments arriving via air into Luxembourg at late hours of the day, we can offer the overnight truck parking solution at our facilities. In this case the trucks are loaded at the airport and guided to our warehouse, where they are parked inside our facilities in a climate controlled and totally closed environment.

Our facilities are totally fenced with a heavy security door at the entrance, under alarm and have camera surveillance around the clock. We are linked to a security company based 10 minutes from our address, day and night.

A guard can also be placed inside our building during the night for a non-stop human presence.




MT ART Services will assist you with all the necessary customs declarations, such as import/export declarations, apply of cultural licenses at the Ministry of Culture, ATA-carnets, temporary importations for exhibition purposes and all the procedures related to the import of purchased artworks.


The project began back in 2001 when a well-known Belgium fine art shipper and a Luxemburgish well established moving company put funds together and created a separate fine art shipping company under the name MT ART Services.

We quickly became known as the independent, reliable and professional fine art agent in Luxembourg to assist with all kinds of art shipments, couriered or not. The airport of Luxembourg, due to its strategically good situation, caught the attention of major international Museums and clients, as being a true and very reliable alternative to all the major airports in Europe.

With the support of Cargolux Airlines, their focus and interest in our field, MT ART Services became an even more important player in Luxembourg. We continued and developed our business over the years, becoming member of a Dutch group, then a major Finnish group, until 2011, when we decided to stand on our own feet.

Since this date MT ART Services is the only totally independent and neutral company in Luxembourg

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The Luxembourg Freeport, opened in Sep 2014, is a 22.000 m2 high-end logistic platform for handling and storage of valuable and luxury goods, such as artworks, antiques, wines, precious metals, jewels and more.

The building located in the airport area, right next to the Luxembourg Cargocenter, will be equipped with the latest state of the art technology in terms of security and climate conditions as well as a 24/7 surveillance.

The Luxembourg Freeport, based in the heart of Europe, will be easily accessible to clients by road and by air from anywhere in the world. The Freeport location is designed to provide a safe transfer of inbound and outbound shipments.



For clients who do not need a private room, their work(s) can be stored in a multi-client storage room, together with other artworks. This room will be only accessible by MT ART staff and not by clients.



MT ART Services is one of the tenants in the Luxembourg Freeport, able to offer a large choice of general and private storage solutions, geared to the requirements of the artworks to be stored.

We are the main service provider and authorized agent of the Luxembourg Freeport, meaning that we have the ability, to do the handling inside the Freeport facility. Works that will enter the Freeport will be unpacked, physically checked, photographed, repacked and will then be ready for storage. We will have a specialized handling team, at all times to manage these tasks.

Private Storage


For clients who wish to store their works in an individual and private room, accessible by the client and MT ART staff only. Different sizes of private rooms will be available upon client’s request.



A certain amount of professional showrooms will be available upon request, to enable our clients to view their artworks in total security and discretion. This avoids unnecessary transport and handling of their artworks.

Packing Crating Stock


- Conservation labs
- Photography spaces
- Packing and crating
- Inventory and stock management

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